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Investigating political opponents is commonplace in all types of political campaigns, from the local level to the national front. It is imperative to conduct professional, ethical and comprehensive research to gain the best possible advantage in a political race.

Barber Investigations conducts complete and comprehensive in-depth research that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Detailing an opponent’s history regarding issues important to the race and whether that record conflicts with his/her current campaign platform

  • Investigating your opponents’ past actions to determine if they align with his/her current campaign platform

  • Researching voting records

  • Conducting deep background investigations

  • Conducting public records investigations

It is important to prepare a strong, resilient offense and defense in political races. You may also hire our agency to vet yourself as “the candidate.” This allows you to be the first to discover any potential political land mines and deal with them effectively. It is crucial to provide a quick, thorough, believable response to any attack, true or false.

We know the laws and rules and will do all of our work within appropriate legal and ethical boundaries.

Opposition Research: Services
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