We specialize in plaintiff personal injury investigations to help personal injury attorneys strengthen their case. All of our investigations are conducted with the expectation that our finalized report will be presented in the court of law or utilized during litigation. Our private investigators uncover the details and facts, which may have caused the injuries to your client. We can also conduct interviews and obtain sworn statements, which are used to uncover additional details of information and identify additional key witnesses not named in the police report. These fact-based documents have been proven to be vital to the case. We ensure all witnesses who have factual knowledge in regards to the claim are identified and interviewed. Lastly, we also have the ability to the Event Data Recorder (black box) on both the client’s car and the defendant’s car (with proper authorization). 

All Services Associated with Personal Injury Investigations


An investigator will visit your potential client and take a detailed report of the incident. We will use your proprietary intake kit or our generic kit. Notarizing of necessary forms is also included in the price. Photography is also available at a reduced rate if done at the time of intake. We are authorized by the WIDOC to visit any prison facility when necessary. All assignments include a detailed report along with recommendations for additional investigations. Our sign ups can save you money in additional expenses and can help you gain leverage when you are negotiating with carriers.

Social Media Investigations

We utilize a cutting edge product to give you the insight of what an individual looks like online. By using multiple checkpoints and databases we can hone in on the target subject and ensure the information you have is not a “False Positive”. We analyze Photos, Posts Associations, Locations and Behaviors to pin point the data you are looking for. Our reports include Digital Foot Prints, Username and Profiles, IP Addresses, Locations, Contact information, Photos/Screenshots and object/behavior recognition. Links will take you directly to social media pages. You can customize your search to include what you need and take out what you don’t need. Several tiers of pricing are available to fit your budget. Free up your time to litigate your cases instead of doing hours of research.

  • Scan your clients at the onset of engagement or Pre-Deposition/Trial and advise them on how to manage their exposure online

  • Scan your adversaries at the onset of engagement or Pre-Deposition/Trial to plan a strategy regarding character and fact patterns

  • Scan a potential favorable witness to limit any exposure Scan a hostile witness for impeachment strategies

  • Scan jurors to formulate your strategy during trial and to monitor them during proceedings to ensure they are not posting about the trial or your client

  • Scan Social Media for time stamps on MVA cases showing proof of mobile device use at the time of an accident.

  • Electronic Canvassing through Geo-tagging and Geo-fencing.

  • Potential Dram Shop investigation and Social Media time stamping

  • Real time Social Media profile monitoring available for posting history and habits

  • Save time and resources by leaving data collection to seasoned analysts

Witness Interviews and Statements

An Investigator will contact a witness and arrange for a personal meeting. At this time a written statement of the accounts will be taken. The original signed and notarized statement will be provided to you. An additional reduced charge may be necessary to locate the witness if you cannot provide contact information. Upon request we have the ability to record telephone and personal interviews (where permissible). We can help you build your case in a timely fashion, giving you leverage when you are negotiating a settlement.

Photography and Video

An investigator will travel to the site in question and take pictures including Plaintiff and Defendant perspectives and background shots. Measurements will be taken and photographed along with point of reference landmarks. Photos are taken in a digital format. Each assignment includes a written report which details the photos. Our investigators have been trained by professionals and have experience photographing personal injuries (scar photos), car accident scenes, premises sites, construction sites and all nursing home cases including bed sore and wrongful death. Covert photography is utilized when necessary.

Video recording is also available for accident scenes, hospital and rehab visits (with proper authorization), premises, construction sites and discovery and inspections. All video is shot in digital. Covert video is available for situations that require stealth.

An image speaks 1000 words and these services are a must for an attorney interested in gathering as much information as possible prior to trial or during negotiating.

DME/IME Appointments

We will accompany your client on his/her Independent Medical Examination to report what takes place and the questions asked. You will receive a report with every question asked by the doctor and your client’s response. Our employees will follow your instructions on what is permissible and what is not. We will also provide transportation if needed and our investigators are bilingual Spanish if needed. We are NOT an IME “watch dog” company and are not associated with any IME companies. Our investigators are trained to report on the facts surrounding the examination and to “hold your client’s hand” through the process. Call today for more details.

Asset Investigations

We have the ability to locate “Hard Assets” prior to judgment. This means we can locate nationally any real property, motor vehicles, boats or airplanes. Our searches include an address profile, a comprehensive report of the subject, any bankruptcy filings, liens or judgments.

We also have the ability to provide a post judgment “Bank search” This will provide a detail of the bank with which you subject has an account with. On most occasions we are able to determine how much money is in the account. We also have the ability to locate stock and securities accounts. We often are able to determine the dollar values of these accounts.

All searches include a detailed report. These searches can help you collect on old judgments that were considered lost. 

All services associated with Plaintiff Personal Injury Investigations