• Jason Barber

Great Result for my client

I am going to start posting extremely minor and short blogs about results from cases I worked on.

I just finished up a child abuse case where mom was charged in 2019 for allegedly hitting her son with a shovel.

Long story short, after the attorney and I interviewed the child he admitted to lying about the whole thing because his grandma (former criminal) told him to lie and she would give him a gaming system. He told us that the scars and marks he attributed to "whoopings" by my client were actually from playing with other kids in the neighbor. He's a pre-teen boy, it just makes too much sense. I still have scars from playing rough as a kid.

The interview took place just like the State does it. Quiet room, ask the alleged victim if they know the difference between the truth and a lie, etc. He disclosed everything on a recording that never had to be played because the DA did the right thing and dismissed the case when she was made aware of the recant.

It doesn't matter that my client "got off". What matters is that I did my job and I found out the truth, because the truth is the only thing that matters.

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