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Milwaukee Criminal Defense

Updated: Apr 12

This is the first blog post I have ever done, please don’t judge me too hard. Below is a short (not all inclusive) list of how Barber Investigations, LLC can help Criminal Defense attorneys in Wisconsin. I will be expanding on each of these topics soon and possibly adding to the list as I go along. There is always more that can be done on a Criminal Defense case.

1. We provide a new, “fresh” and unbiased look at the case

a. We analyze police reports with a fine-toothed comb

2. We can analyze computers, cell phones and social media to get all of the facts for the defense

3. We re-canvas the crime scene

a. We do this to find new evidence and new witnesses beneficial to the defense

b. We take our own photos and measurements of the crime scene

4. We re-interview the prosecution’s witnesses

5. We find potential information on the prosecution’s witnesses that can be used to impeach them during trial.

6. We can conduct background checks on the law enforcement officers involved

7. We can deal with difficult clients so the attorney can focus on other clients and tasks

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