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  • Jason Barber

The Defense Investigation Timeline

Below is a basic timeline that Barber Investigations uses as we work in our Criminal Defense Investigations. Case after case and trial after trial, this timeline has proven useful. This timeline is not all inclusive of the work and product provided by Barber Investigations.

  1. Case Preparation and Review with Defense Counsel

  2. Conference with defense counsel

  3. Conduct a case review

  4. Prepare a timeline of major events

  5. Meet with client

  6. Conduct a complete initial defendant interview

  7. Identify potential defense witnesses and theories

  8. Crime scene examination, diagram and photography

  9. Photograph and diagram the scene

  10. Alleged victim and witness background investigations

  11. Assemble file for each witness

  12. Complete the background investigations

  13. Locate and Interview witnesses

  14. Take statements from State and defense witnesses

  15. Compare witness statements to previous statements that were made to the State

  16. Conference with defense counsel regarding the possible changes in witness statements

  17. Conduct follow-up investigation based on investigative results at request of Defense counsel

  18. Submit final reports if requested by Defense Counsel

To provide the best possible defense for your, or a loved one's, criminal case call Barber Investigations today!

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